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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Authority

Aphis had a very short time left of his life on the Region, and he knew it, down to the second. They all did. The citizens of the Region were taught at a very young age how to access their chart chips with their minds. They had to be taught this because even though the chip was installed in their first hours of life, it was not a part of them naturally. So as they grew the chip learned and they learned how to access it for information.
Most of them by the age of two could tell you exactly how long they had left on the Region. They could also tell you how their charts looked to the Authority, though they didn’t. That information was a secret and they knew the rules the Authority forced so vividly into their minds every night in their dreams.
Aphis knew the rules too, his dreams had always haunted him. Dreams of war, murder, and persecution of the Old World. Though he was so old he was starting to let a lot of little things slip. But Authority would never move him to a Sanitarium Haven. He was very valuable to them and they didn’t have much more time for him to work. He would be collected very soon. Like many old and valuable people though, he spoke a lot about things without the Authority’s intervention.

His apprentice was the closest person to him, they had developed quite a relationship and Aphis felt that he had a lot to say to the young one. He just wasn’t sure that his young friend would listen and truly understand.
“They thought they were being liberated! Ha! If they only knew. The fools! What would they have done if they knew! Look at my arm. It used to be so strong and now look at it! You can almost see the chip, you can almost see it! There, look, that‘s exactly where they put it Letno. This thing does not belong to us, it’s unnatural. Do you know…” he shuttered for a moment and then continued, “I’ve seen them putting it in. They don’t even leave a scar, but with this thing, they chart us. Everything that we see they see. The Authority has complete control. Don’t be worried, I am not telling you anything that no one has ever shared before.” Aphis added as he noticed Letno’s glance around the street. “They need me to much to shut me up anyway, and with the genes you have, I’m sure that they know you would have eventually figured all this out on your own. I can tell that you never knew where it was for sure before; I’ve seen you looking though. I know you’ve wondered. ” The old man wheezed into the thin night air. It was cold, the white months were on their way but not soon enough for Aphis to see them one last time.
The pair sat on the steps of the Technology Haven. Letno could hear Aphis breathing. It had become so much more steady and controlled, even when he became excited. Letno couldn’t help but wonder if it was because of his aging body, or his advanced discipline of his mind over his body. Still, Letno tried to dismiss the thoughts of this man whom he had loved and trusted his entire life. Though even as he tried to argue with Aphis, Letno had fear in his heart.
“Oh, come on, Aphis. How could anybody have known the way the Authority would do things in the Region? I’ve seen the history when I sleep just as you have. It’s been nearly a hundred years and the New World has changed so rapidly. Yes, it’s true that technology had become more advanced in that last hundred years Prior Authority but, nobody could have known. It’s so different from the Old World. We can’t blame anyone for the way we are forced to live. Besides the charts have been a part of our lives since the Authority‘s reign began, how can you say it‘s unnatural? Sure we aren‘t created with them but from our first hours of life they are installed in us. Could you imagine living without them anyway? They are our direct link to the Authority. I don‘t see why you think the way we live is so bad. There are The Rules, I know, but if you were to compare it to the ways of the Old World. Can you imagine? Some so wealthy, some so poor and no one in between. All the wars, and the way their leaders treated this earth. It was nearly destroyed by them. I can never understand it. We are forced to live, be we are also forced to be equal. We are liberated.” Letno breathed gently, cautiously. He couldn’t be entirely sure that no one was listening and Letno also didn’t want Aphis to get worked up. He only had two months eight days and thirteen hours before they would come for him. Aphis didn’t need to worry anymore about the past when he had so little of his future left.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

This new blog

In this new blog I will test out the waters for some of the stories I have floating around in my head. Disclaimer: Some of them might not make any sense. I just write 'em as I see 'em people! Some of them will come in installments and some of them might never be finished. I am going to have fun with this blog.

All I can ask is that you take a seat and enjoy the ride...